Thursday July 24, 2014
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10 Reasons to Purchase a LifeTank

1. The LifeTank system provides safe emergencywater that is always ready.

2. A LifeTank is designed to make use of the existing household water supply.

3. The LifeTank system operates using flow through technology.

4. No purification, filtering, draining or water rotation is required with a LifeTank.

5. Installation of The LifeTank system is easy.

6. A LifeTank provides an additional water source for regular use without depleting emergency reserves.

7. Water in the LifeTank system can be isolated to prevent contamination from the household water supply.

8. A LifeTank is both a pressurized system and a gravity system.

9. The LifeTank system comes with an 80 gallon or 120 gallon water tank.

10. A LifeTank is maintenance and worry free providing the assurance that back up water is available whenever you need it.

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